Sunday, December 7, 2008

I don't know what we're yelling about....


Hearing the line from the movie that hubby has as his ringtone...funnier.

Watching everyone look up and look around for hubby when we hear it....priceless.


I finished and ordered our Christmas cards from VistaPrint earlier this week. This is what our card will look like...

The basic design is one of the free cards Michelle Coleman had available from Memory Makers. All I did was change it to fit in VistaPrint's 4x8 template. So, one more holiday preparation I can check off of my rather lengthy to-do list.

Thankfully my list of presents that I still need to buy is slowly getting shorter. For the boxes to our families I just need to get some pictures printed for the cd calendars that I am refilling for my grandparents & a gift card for my brother. Maybe too a 5x7 and 8x10 picture for my grandma & mom, maybe I'll have my grandma pick up a couple of frames so that I don't have to risk having photo frames in a box and getting broken. What a nice Christmas morning, huh? Tag with warning of possible broken glass.

Ah, well it's almost bedtime for the kiddos. I have cookies in the oven that smell wonderful. Too bad I didn't actually mix up the batter myself lol. The Wii Fit is calling my name once the big boys are settled down in bed for the night. Need to keep up with excersizing for a change.

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