Saturday, May 31, 2008

I {heart} Amazon

I bought my Canon 40D from there in the beginning of May with our tax "rebate" check. About a week or so later Canon started their rebate promotion. I toyed with the idea of returning the 40D and getting a 5D but I realized the price difference was a lot more than I thought (not sure where I got the numbers from, was quite shocked when I saw the prices lol). After realizing it was out of my price range now I felt better about my purchase. Well, that is until I saw that now the 40D was over $100 cheaper! Last night I got up the nerve to email Amazon customer service and ask if they could possibly issue me a credit or if I should just return & re-purchase the item. I was so stoked when I saw an email from them this morning that said they will be issuing me a credit of the difference!

I just discovered their deal of the day too, the only problem is it's just too tempting! lol

I'm off now to go see if DH needs help packing. He needs to be to work at 1:45am and he's just now packing the rest of his things. This is typical for him and something I hate. So, instead of hanging out with the kids for the next 2 hours before they go to bed, he is out sweating in the garage. He could have done this at anytime this week, especially on one of the 3 days he had off, but nope, he waits until the last minute. Gotta love him though. I'll hopefully be catching up online tomorrow, so I might be posting a few times ;) I've got some layouts and other tidbits I want to write about.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

6 weeks

So, I haven't had a cigarette in 6 weeks. It is absolutely amazing to me that I have made it this far and I am hoping that I can continue without going back to smoking. I am really proud of myself, but I wish my hubby would notice and be supportive and encouraging. Not to say that he has been pushing to me start again, but he likes to ask to smoke in the car, which makes me cringe because it just lingers and on one hand it makes me nauseous and I just want to puke, but the the other hand just wants to grab the pack and light up. I get the feeling that he thinks these last 6 weeks have been a piece of cake for me, they haven't. Some days are better than others and I still think about heading outside sometimes, because it was so much a part of my habits.

Here's hoping to another 6 weeks.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Been MIA

Sorry, that I haven't been posting the past few days. I just haven't felt like myself and have been staying off the computer for long periods of time. Tom leaves for training soon, so we're also trying to spend some quality time together as a family.

Hopefully I'll be back to my old self in no time. I'm working on a layout now ;) Just wish I had someone I could get feedback from. DH is no help sometimes, he gets irritated & rolls his eyes. lol

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just another Saturday night...

So, another boring Saturday night around my house. I transferred all the videos from our shiny new JVC camcorder onto my shiny, kind of newish MBP and the files won't read. After some brief reading online it seems as though I can either pay $20 to get some kind of patch for some free software that I downloaded or I can spend $80 and get the iLife bundle that supposedly handles .mod files. This of course makes me want to get a new iMac of course (find the logic in that, lol) because the new OS is obviously pre-installed and of course iLife would be the newest edition also. It's so tempting, but how to approach the hubs???

Tommy had his musical program on Thursday night. Tom should have been home Friday morning before Tommy got on the bus around 8:30am but did not come home until after 1pm. The duty roster got a screwed up and the person who was supposed to come in and relieve him came in, with no cami's and sat in another building (or another office I can't remember exactly) and called people begging them to take his duty. He even offered Tom $150 to take it. Sure, maybe if Tom wasn't supposed to be leaving next week for 3 weeks.

GMAC is still giving us the run around about the odometer statement and additional payment. Sam and I have been discussing buying houses which got me curious as to how our credit report looked. So on Thursday I pulled both mine and Tom's. If you weren't aware, you can get your free credit report once a year from all 3 reporting agencies at Tom's looks good except for that stupid bill from Verizon last year, they sent it to collection when it was their fault with a billing error. Mine however doesn't look so great anymore because I have some credit cards that were my mom's showing up. Two still show as open and there is a charge off from BP on there also. This pisses me off, nearly 2 years ago I disputed those and thought it had been taken care of, so now I will be doing it all over again.

On Friday since Tom was so late in coming home and because I felt like being totally lazy I started in on my Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer. I finished it Friday night around 9. It was good! Now I want to read the others. I'm trying to decide whether or not it's something I would be interested in reading again. If it is I'll buy it, if not then I'll get it from the library or a 2nd hand store at least. Though it took me almost 2 months or longer to be able to read Twilight in the first place. New Moon and Eclipse are the 2nd & 3rd books in the series. Breaking Dawn is the 4th in the series, but not available yet.

Tom is busy making Astro-Pop shots, he really wants me to try one, they look good enough, but my stomach can't handle it tonight. So, I'll stick with my Capt'n & coke. I did take a picture of the Astro-Pop though because I thought it looked neat the way the colors were separated. I'll get it off my camera & loaded tomorrow. For now though I'll leave you with a couple photos of Tommy from a couple days ago and a super cute one of Tommy and Alex. Oh, and 2 layouts that I amazingly finished this week. I was hoping to get a good amount done this weekend, but unless I get left alone for a while I don't see me being able to finish more than one.

Thursday, May 22, 2008



Just wanted to post quick and say that I will have more tomorrow. Some photos I took, and some random good kiddo deeds.

I'll leave you with one right now:

Tommy got on the bus this morning and his bus driver said she loves having him on the bus. She said that he's so nice and well-mannered. Made me so happy to know that he's doing the right thing! *big proud mama grin* Sure she could just be saying that, but I think I'll let myself believe her for now. If it were Anthony she was talking about then I would question her sincerity. lol

Oh, and Tom has duty tomorrow. Guess who has a play at school tomorrow? The only thing through the whole year that he's had at school. Yep. That's right, the only thing all year and Tom has duty tomorrow night. He even tried to switch but the guy who has duty tomorrow said his kid has something going on at school on Thursday night. Ahhh, well...maybe next year. At least it's a long weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

First Etsy Sale!

Yay! Yeah, yeah, I know I should be gone already. On my way to logging out of all my windows a new email caught my attention. It was a notice from etsy that I had made a sale! Yay! My very first sale at that. What's funny is that I had these up for the 3 or 4 months etsy allows, and nothing sold, not even a question on them, then today I was trying to think of ways to make some money and figured out how much it would be to "renew" the listings and decided that I could come up with the $1.60 if they didn't sell again. So, I just "renewed" these listings a few hours ago!

Can you tell I'm excited? I hope that my buyer likes them and gives me good feedback. I also hope that I get more sales. How awesome would that be? I need to find a way to contribute financially, but I just can't get a job with Tom's work schedule. I know no one here that would keep the boys for an hour (or longer) if Tom wasn't able to be home in time for me to get to work.

Oh, and one more thing in my favor tonight? Wow, could it be?? Is that little man dozing off on the couch across the room? My goodness I may get to go to sleep without him in my bed and before 1am! Now, if only I can get a paid photo shoot, something, anything.


So, it's not a recent discovery, but one I felt compelled to write about tonight. I truly am addicted to my computer and the internet. Sure, I could survive without it for a day, probably even a week...but why would I want to? It's just too much fun. There is so much stuff out there waiting for me to find it and to waste my time with. lol

I have a handful of sites that I go to everyday, without fail. Then there are the sites I find along my way. I go from trying to budget grocery shopping and finding good deals to looking for credit card offers that have rebates on gas purchases. lol Then it's off to eBay because the hubby finally gave me a lowest price for the digital camera that I wanted to try to sell. Then it's back to google to find a recipe I lost.

Now I know why I don't get more scrapping done! lol I did get two layouts finished over the weekend though, which is good, but not great. I started two more on Sunday but once I got the photos in some frames and positioned on the page I was at a loss as to what to do. So, saved and into the folder they went. I'm thinking of doing an interview/favorite thing page for each of the kiddos again. I want to do the Digi-Dare for this week also. I have ideas, I just can't get them to pan out once I get to sit down and have a moment to work in photoshop. So, I should go and do something productive around my house...or make my to-do list for tomorrow. ;)

Behind on eBays feedback plans

So, I know I'm a bit behind in the time with ebay. Things have changed a bit since I was selling constantly a few years ago. Today though, as I went to leave feedback for the items I sold last time around I see a little notice from ebay above the feedback form. I can't remember the exact wording at the moment, but the basic concept is that as a seller you can not leave anything but positive feedback for a buyer, or opt to not leave feedback at all.

WTF!? Is all I have to say about that. I think it sucks as a seller. Sure I haven't had to leave many negative feedbacks in my time as an eBay seller, but those few times I had to were because the buyer never paid. I think it's important to warn other sellers that their buyer may not pay up and let them make a judgment on whether to keep the bid or not. What are we sellers supposed to do now about scamming buyers? Those who receive their item, claim there is something wrong with it, not contact the seller then file a Paypal claim?

I'm off to wander the eBay boards for a bit to see if I can find out more information on this. I am thoroughly frustrated about this. I understand the position that some bidders will leave honest feedback and unfortunately there are sellers who will retaliate and leave the same even if the bidder did nothing wrong. But there are those of us who don't. I might wait to leave feedback until I know the bidder received the item but I would never retaliate if they left honest feedback. I just want to know about any problems and have the opportunity to resolve it before negative feedback is left.

Perfect example: The last time my auctions ended I had shipped out a collector's plate that I said came with the certificate of authenticity. The bidder paid and then Alex started up with his allergic reaction sickness. So, my mind was in the clouds and while I shipped out the box like I said, I forgot the COA. The wonderful bidder that I had emailed me to let me know. I was so thankful that they weren't mad, I immediately mailed it to them with a written apology. I felt horrible. But that's what I'm talking about, the days where we just slip and oops, something is a bit messed up but easily fixed.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

new blog layout

Yeah, I like to change these kinds of things. I can never find one that fits me perfectly so I'm constantly changing them. lol We'll see how long this one lasts, though I like the brighter colors.

This weekend was uneventful at our house. I forgot that Tom has tomorrow off of work. I think I will honor his IOU for his shoes and maybe, just maybe, get me some new clothes. I'm thinking a dress and some skirts or something. Kohl's had these really cute shoes on sale for $7.99, but they are no longer in stock. Figures, lol.

I really wanted to go take some pictures, but it wasn't a great weekend to accomplish that. Oh well, maybe another day. I also wanted to get some fabric to try to make a camera strap cover. I'm not very crafty and can't think of anything to put in the fabric to make it a bit softer & to make it not bunch or slide around.

Side note before I say good-night: We're considering buying a house when we get to CA. Well, preferably sign the papers once we get there and have the keys in had. If anyone knows of a good realtor in the San Diego or Oceanside area please let me know. There are a few things we need to work out first, but I think if we can find the right house for a good price and we can get things done from the opposite coast we can make it work. We are just tired of renting right now, base housing wouldn't be bad if that's what we need to do ultimately. I would much rather buy a house and hopefully have our money work for us rather than give it to Mr Landlord.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Ugh, my 5 yr old! Errrr...he really, really, irks me! I love him to death, he has he cutest smile, and sweetest disposition...sometimes. Most of the time he's snotty, back talking, with the attitude of a 15yr old. I have no idea what to do with him sometimes. Right now I'm almost to the point that he's going to start sleeping in the "toy room" with no toys in there, the only thing he'll have is a mattress and his pillow. But for some reason I don't think that wil phase him either. What the heck am I to do? I yell, I put him in time out, I think that all he hears is me yelling at him so I try talking nice, I try grabbing his arm to get his attention (he always lets his gaze wander or starts doing other things while I'm talking to him), I'm just at a loss. I know it's my fault for how he acts now. It all stems (I think so anyway) from when Tom was gone when he was 18m old and I just kind of let him do whatever. Yes, I've learned my lesson. I didn't think it would be this bad though, Tommy never acted this way.

Then there is the hubby who likes to yell from the couch, up the stairs all the way to the other end of the couch. Usually right across me. I can't stand it. He gets upset when the kids need something, but heaven forbid I should be able to finish sliding something into a layout before I need to get up to get the kids something.

Ugh, I'm off to finish my drink and make another. We are "catcing up" on season 5 of 24. I really want to just go bury myself in my bed, but there are dishes to be done and laundry to finish so I won't be doing that. All this just makes me want to smoke!

FOB2Y 5/16

For the Sweet Shoppe From Our Blog to Yours challenge.

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"Suffering from the effects of those things which a..."

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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here are some pictures that I took the other day. It was finally nice out, not raining or super muggy so the boys got chance to play in the backyard for awhile. I know they aren't perfect, but I was just playing with my new camera and my lens. I haven't really used my 85mm since I received it around Thanksgiving.

The last one is probably my favorite besides the grass mustache one. CC is welcome. Like I said above, I know they aren't perfect, the sun was a little harsh on the left and I still haven't gotten used to the controls being in a different place from my Rebel.

Frustration with GMAC isn't over. I still need to call Secretary of State in MI for the plates on the truck. I am stressed over trying to save money to drive to MI in June. I do have the point & shoot camera that I am going to hopefully sell on ebay this week. All I need to do is get a box & weigh it, then get the description written up. So I'm off to play with some webkinz or watch tv. :)


A thread at MSA asked why you love having a boy. I love this answer...

I love that 4 pairs of jeans and a dozen shirts can get them through an entire season - and everything matches. I love that when he runs around covered in dirt and grime, everyone just shrugs and says "He's a boy". I love that I never have to worry about pigtails, detangler, braids, barrettes, headbands or any other assorted hair sundries - other than my own. I love that I don't worry about music lyrics, advertisements, mixed messages in Princess movies, etc as much as my sister does with her girls. I love that he ALWAYS thinks I look great, and has NO criticism of what I'm wearing, how my hair looks, or how big my butt is. I love the idea that I'll never have to worry about teaching him how to shave his legs or put on make-up. Ooo .. I love that I'll probably never get ticked because he borrowed my clothes, handbags or shoes and ruined them.

So true, every last little bit. Tom wants a girl I know he does, but I can't help but think this is the way it is supposed to be. I'm not a girly girl and I'm sure Tom would agree with me when I say that I have enough hormones for this house. lol

Here is a perfect picture of two of my boys.

I'm also testing out Scribefire to help with my blog posting capabilities. I'm liking it so far. I just went to add a link and the one I wanted to use popped up in the dialog box when I clicked it. Awesome!

So, I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures from Tuesday evening that I finished editing this morning. But first I will get on the elliptical. I was on there today for 18 minutes and went .75 miles. Then a while later the boys and I took a walk around the "block". I really need to get a wagon. Tomorrow I'm aiming for faster than 18 minutes for 3/4 of a mile.

I also meant to post this layout that I finished the other day. It's a re-do of one I did last year or so with the same photo. I never did love that first layout I did with the photo. We all look so awkward in it. I like this layout a lot better, but still not sure if I'm "in love" with it. But I love it 10x more than the other one ;)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High Five for no more haircuts!

lol I know it probably seems meaningless to you, and it probably is, but being in the military requires my hubby to get weekly haircuts (sometimes more often if there is an inspection, retirement ceremony, etc). Ever since we got back from MI after the holidays he's been growing his hair out, which means weekly trips to the barbershop. I didn't mind because it was something he wanted to do and it wasn't horribly expensive, just annoying and time consuming (especially if he didn't get it done on Saturday afternoon and had to go on Sunday).

Last night he shaved it all off! :) Deep down I am super happy but I feel bad, he said it was getting expensive and I feel bad for complaining about money so often. But now all it takes is him going to take a shower on Sunday night and shaving his head quick before he gets in. Instead of just telling me that he was going to shave his head though, he went upstairs shaved it all off, then took this lovely mirror pic and then sent it to me from his phone. Um, hello??? I'm just Oh, and just a FYI - the pic is horrible. lol

Just when I thought things were going to be better for us for a bit I find out otherwise. I got an email from USAA telling me that they were sending out our lease payment to GMAC. Oops, we turned in the truck on 3/28, I must've only canceled April's payment and not deleted the payee like I thought I had. The payment cleared our account on Monday so yesterday I had Tom call to find out how and when they will send it back. Well, this phone call that I thought would last 5 min, laster nearly 45. To make a long story short, GMAC is claiming that they never received the odometer statement from the dealership we dropped it off at and the salesman we dropped it off with said he faxed it in. So, we are supposed to be notified in 24-48 hours whether or not its resolved. If it's resolved then after a 3rd party inspects the truck for excess mileage and wear then it will go to auction. Then once it's sold any excess money from the sale after paying fees for excess mileage and wear will be sent to us, in 5-8 weeks. Um, I don't think so. My contract with them ended on April 10, the truck was turned in far enough in advance. We called GMAC to let them know we dropped off the truck on the 28th and they said that the dealer already notified them. So we assumed everything was ok. Why didn't we get any kind of notice? I don't understand why GMAC having all the information of the salesman we dropped it off with, didn't call him and get things straightened out. I don't know why we have to wait 5-8 weeks to get our money. The whole thing started because of a mistake on my part and I fully admit that sending the payment was my fault - but geez people, communicate!

I've got to stop now, I'm irritated with the whole thing all over again. lol

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Rambling

I can't believe that the weekend is already over. Tom came home Friday afternoon and we had a good weekend. We should have went grocery shopping, but we took one look at the commissary parking lot on Saturday and said a big No to that one.

We spent most of the weekend playing games and watching movies. We knocked out Across the Universe, The Darjeeling Limited, and PS I Love You this weekend. I started a couple of layouts. I finally finished two. It's been raining basically since last Thursday night. Tommy has no school today, I'm not sure on the reason why but it scrolled across the screen this morning during Good Morning America. lol It got me to thinking that after we move there probably won't be any reasons for school to get canceled.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

FOB2Y 5/9

PhotobucketSo, the theme of this From Our Blog 2 Yours is teen crushes. Let's see, when I was about 10 or so I was so in l-o-v-e with NKOTB. lmao Yep, them. And a few years later my big crushes were Edward Furlong and Leonard DiCaprio Photobucket.

Man, now I'm embarrassed. lmao

Friday, May 9, 2008

So glad it's Friday

I am excited that it is finally Friday. Tom is on his way home from Norfolk and will hopefully be out of work for the afternoon (but not getting my hopes up for that one). My house is pretty clean, not perfect and I'm not quite done yet, but I'm pleased with what I got done.

Last night we had some great thunderstorms. Unknown to me until this morning there was also a possible tornado in Stafford County, our satellite went out so I had no clue how bad the weather was. Call me oblivious if you want. lol I was busy cleaning one of my bathrooms and sweeping up all the food left under the table from my dirty children.

I tried out my new camera yesterday, I'm scared of it! lol I don't know what button to control things is where, it seems to be super fast though. I was very close to returning it before I opened it, but Tom said to keep it. I can't wait to have a free minute so I can download the pics to the computer and see how they look. I haven't figured out how to work the live view yet, I'm puzzled by some of the controls. lol

Mother's Day is this Sunday, I just got out some cute little badge albums to the boys grandmas yesterday. I hope they like them, I have a feeling that my mom will probably not be appreciative of it, but oh well. I forgot too that my mom's birthday is the 12th, so we need to figure out something to send her for that, I won't be able to get it in the mail until tomorrow, so it might not make it there on time but hopefully it will only be a day late.

I can't wait for a relaxing weekend, if the kiddos manage to let me have one. I'm going to go clean some more so that hopefully my family will help me keep it clean and it won't be such a big burden on me all the time.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Holy Cannoli!

I just browsed through the TDC blog and found that Jule chose my layout (Barefoot in the Grass) as Layout of the Week! How awesome is that?! The layout of the day was awesome in my eyes, this is just so awesome! lol I don't get a lot of time to scrap lately so when I do post the few layouts I manage to do it's awesome to think that other people took the time to look at my layout, and even better when they like it!

I need to get to bed though, so an update from Alex's dr appointment today will have to wait until tomorrow. He's still awake and thrashing around next to me, it's really rather annoying. So, I'm off for the night in hopes that by closing down the laptop that he will close his eyes and go to sleep. Oh, there's a yawn!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5 Shot Tuesday

So, my poor middle man, Anthony, went for his physical today. You know that whole big appointment that they need to have to get some paperwork filled out to say they are ok to go to school. He did well for the physical exam, he had his nose stuck in his gameboy the entire time so as long as he did what he was told and could see the screen everything was ok. Then it was shot time - 5 of them. Yeah, I was excited. The lady at the immunization desk asked me if I wanted to split up the shots - I looked at her with a look of sheer shock I'm sure and said No, we're here today let's do it all. lol Even though we're going back tomorrow, I don't think tomorrow would have been the appropriate day to split for. Anthony is 42" tall (I think I remember her right, I'll re-measure him tomorrow) and weighs about 37 lbs.

Poor kid was doing ok until the 5 shots, but after they were done, a sucker & a hug later he was ok. I let him show me the way out of the clinic and then we ran to the gas station for a 1/2 gallon of milk (that cost me $1.99, I had to opt for that when the gallon cost $3.99) and a pop, then across the parking lot for the promised McD's and a shake. Home was our final destination, we didn't make it to the grocery store, I let him decide if he was up for it, I felt bad.

So, since it's a odd occurrence that Alex is sleeping before midnight (who knows when he fell asleep since I'm such an awesome mom tonight) I'm heading to bed myself. Tomorrow, Alex has his 2yr check-up, inevitably there will be shots involved, wish us luck with that. lol We need to run to the post office and I think we'll skip the commissary again. I need to come home and clean my house. I do want to run to WM and grab the new movie and a box of diapers though. I need to pick-up some better bathroom cleaner, the stuff I've been using gives me a headache.

Ok, ok, I'm to bed for me. Have a great night!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday, Monday

So, I have a feeling that this week is going to suck. By Wednesday night all I'm going to want to do is curl up in my bed and pull the covers up over my head and sleep until Saturday. The two younger boys have dr appointments Tuesday & Wednesday. Alex has his on Weds, after how he acted at the Urgent Care clinic, I am not looking forward to this dr visit with him. Anthony should be ok, though I think he may need a shot or two to be caught up and he'll have to try to pee in a cup (which they will hopefully allow us to bring home like they did with Tommy) and he'll have to have blood drawn for some other test. I'm hoping Alex doesn't need any shots, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he does.

Tom left this morning, I have an eerie feeling that he doesn't like me so much lately. I don't know where my husband went, but the man that has been in this house sure as heck isn't him. Hopefully being away for the week will put some things in perspective for him, although it's likely all I'll hear when he gets home is how tired he is because they worked so much. Or maybe I'll get a guilt trip about how everyone else went out and got tattoos or went out drinking and he stayed back in the room or was only able to have 1 drink. He's always got a pity me story about something. I feel bad that he can't just go and spend money on whatever it is that he wants, but we have to put food on the table for 5 people. Plus there is all the games he wants and I swear he's been smoking more lately than when we both were. It seems as though everyday there is a charge to the PX for a pack of smokes & a Monster.

On a good note, my camera was actually delivered today. There is some kind of scribble on the box about missed something or another on 5/2. The driver was here, he delivered my book & flash diffuser, but not the camera. I really want my extra money back, I would have gotten it today if I just left it at the 2 day shipping. I don't know whether to contact Amazon about it or UPS. It's not Amazon's fault for the UPS driver not delivering it, and I almost forgot I received a phone call on Friday morning about receiving a next day package that would need to be signed for and if someone wasn't going to be home to hit a button or something. It was early too, around 7 or so. Back to the camera, I may return it, as much as I want it I feel horrible about dropping so much $$ on one item. We should save that money for something else.

Anyway, I need to go make myself productive. I've got so much on my mind I may just zone out in front of the tv for a while.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

{urgent care} visit today

So, this morning Tom and I got up and got the yard sale stuff set up. One by one the boys awoke. We knew when Alex was awake because he started to scream. He looked horrible, sleepy eye crap in his eyes, really red & swollen eyes and the bumps on his skin were worse. So I got on the phone to the Naval Clinic because when I called yesterday to make him an appointment (hindsight...should have kept it) I noticed an option for after hours or weekend care. So, I spoke with the person that was working at the front desk and she said that she could call a dr and get us a referral to the urgent care center in town. Perfect. Since we can only go to the ER without a referral from Tri-Care that would be our best option. So, the dr called back and said Urgent Care closes at 2pm, it was 10:30am. So, we waited for about another half hour in hopes of selling the remaining items at our yard sale and then packed it up and got everyone looking respectable and off we went.

We got there at 11:20, over an hour later we were called back to an exam room. Alex wanted nothing to do with being weighed or having his temperature taken. Then we waited in the exam room for what felt like forever. I wonder if the medical staff knows how interesting the bright red bio-hazard container is to kids? lol The dr barely looked at him and asked us what was wrong. I was aggravated by that point and I told him, "We think it might be allergies, but we aren't sure, that's why we are here." He really was in there for no more than 5 minutes and said he'd send a prescription into CVS for us. He said that it's probably allergies and that he would give Alex a shot but he didn't want to make him mad or get "into that" he said. He said that the shot would work faster and it was a shame he couldn't give him one (Alex was being awful). Tom and I both said that if the shot would work faster and give him more relief then we would both hold him down. Then the dr said, no, no it won't be to his advantage. Ugh.

So, we filled the prescription, ran some errands (only because lil man was sleeping) and came home. A friend of Tom's called to see if he could store his bike in our garage so he stopped by to drop it off. We gave Alex his first set of eye drops and we attempted to disguise his other medicine in his juice, but he just wanted milk. I looked at the bottle again and realized that the first dropper (1 tsp) of medicine I took out emptied nearly half the bottle. I don't know how it's supposed to last 5 days. He only needs 1 dose a day, but I don't think we'll get but 3 days worth out of it. I think we may call CVS tomorrow and ask them. Alex does have a dr appt on Weds for his 2yr check up, but I don't think we'll have enough to last until then.

Well, it is NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) and there are lots of goodies for free if you participate in challenges, chats, etc so I am off. Besides, the hubby won't be here all next week, so it'd probably be the nice, loving-wife thing to do and spend time with him ;) lol

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Tom and I set up our very first brokerage account tonight. It would have been done without a phone call if the website would have allowed me to sign and submit our application. Tom called and answered the same questions I answered online. Then they emailed us a link where we went to "sign" the application (same spot where it wouldn't let me proceed earlier), I clicked the necessary buttons and we now have a brokerage account. I transferred the money into it and Tom went to call to verify the funds so that they would release them so we could buy some stock and the office is closed. Funny how Tom just talked to someone about 15 minutes ago. lol Either way at least it's open.

We received our tax stimulus check in our bank account today, so much for the government not depositing on Thursdays.

I felt like crap earlier in the day and spent the majority of the morning laying in bed. lol Then I found a mess downstairs and proceeded to have a minor meltdown. I did eventually get a few things done, including getting on the elliptical for 15 minutes and going about .57 miles. lol Not far I know, but it's something and at least I did something, better than I have been doing.