Monday, October 6, 2008

If it's not one thing, it's a broken truck window...

So, the title should tell it all. To make a semi-long story short, we just saved ourselves $489 today. Our rear, passenger window stopped working yesterday on our way back from the store. We spent a couple hours outside trying to see what the problem was, in the end we figured it needed to be looked at by professionals.

This morning Tom dropped off the truck & AA came back to him with a quote of $575 plus $40 for the diagnostic fee. It was a bit much, but we figured it needed to be done and that was fine. I sent my brother, Kyle, a message letting him know what was going on. He wrote back telling us we were being screwed. Thanks. lol So, he suggested calling around for prices on the parts. So we did and found that we could get the motor for $135 from the Ford dealership when AA was charging us $210 or more. Then we called 4 or 5 salvage yards and one of them had the parts we were looking for and it would only cost us $125.

So we jumped into the truck to buy it. After we got there Tom saw that they also offered a military discount. So, we got almost the parts we needed, including a door handle and a 6x9 speaker for $111. Tom was going to take the truck to work tomorrow because we don't have a star screwdriver. So we took care of sorting through some clothes and closets and made some phone calls. Tom called Eric to offer him some clothes and he said he would come by to pick them up. He came by and brought his star screwdriver set and offered to help Tom try to get the motor in the door.

Almost 4 hours later and it's done! It's fixed and after a little WD-40, opening and closing just fine. What's odd is that the cable inside was all chewed up, so I wonder how it got that way, did something shift in the motor? Anyway, it doesn't matter much as it's fixed now and will hopefully stay that way.

Also, someone from the moving (or packing company) called tonight to schedule a walk-through tomorrow at 10am. So it looks like our pack up and move out days are good. We sold our elliptical on Saturday, now we need to get rid of the entertainment armoire in the boys room, 2 gamecubes, a box full of VHS tapes, and the infant seat and stroller combo. It's a start and before we know it, we'll probably end up having to just set the stuff at the curb or drop it off to Goodwill.


Melissa said...

It's great that you could save that much, it's good to have handy friends and family.

meems said...

that's awesome you guys could save so much and fix the window yourselves. I used to say that I should have married an auto mechanic b/c I feel so ripped off by them.

good luck with packing and moving.