Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Settling In...

We've been busy the past few days making arrangements for things, finding furniture, finding appliances and getting the boys enrolled in school. We've had some down time, but we find ourselves needing to entertain the boys shortly after we think it's time to relax.

To help entertain them we brought our Monopoly Here & Now game with us. We are able to set it up on the island and we can usually play for 15 minutes or so. Tommy could play for hours and we feel horrible every time we want to take a break. While checking out the Wal-Mart near our house Tom spotted the Pictureka! game on a shelf. The boys had seen a commercial for this before we moved and we said that we would consider purchasing it after we arrived in CA. That is exactly what we did. We broke it open (and Tommy literally broke the top to the box by jumping on the couch lol) last night and played a couple of rounds. It's a good game for kids their age. What's especially nice about it is if you have a few younger players who aren't able to read (or understand the mission cards) you can just do the blue cards where everyone can play every turn. The first person to 6 cards wins! Of course you can adjust the number of cards to win if needed. The hardest part was keeping the dice away from Alex and keep him from messing with the game tiles. lol

Our stuff arrives tomorrow though! I am so excited and can't wait to see if this place feels more like home than the last. Our gas dryer arrives on Friday and I'm stoked. lmao It's silly I know, but after going to the laundry mat we spotted on our excursion to Target the other day I cherish having the convience of having a washer and dryer at my own home.

I need to get dinner started though, so I'm off for the night. I've got some pictures from the trip and the house loaded up. I'll link up or post tomorrow...hopefully.

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meems said...

I'll have to investigate the Pictureka game. The only Monopoly my kids know is the McDonald's game LOL.

Ah, yes, being able to do laundry at home is wonderful. You don't really appreciate it until you can't do it.

Enjoy settling in!