Friday, October 10, 2008

Less than one week

That's right, less than ONE week until we move. As I look around my house I see nothing but chaos. The older boys are getting impatient that we keep putting off doing things with them because there's still just so much left to do. Tomorrow we have promised time after lunch to sit and play a board game or cards with them.

The window on the truck broke again, so Tom spent an hour or so fixing it. The boys helped me clear out the 3 rooms in the basement. Most of the stuff that was in there is still in the main area of the basement, but some of it made its way upstairs. We have to figure out how much stuff we are going to be able to fit in Tom's car so we can fine tune our list of things we are bringing with us. Now it's just down to the little details, cleaning, organizing (what we can without fear of the packers destroying our progress) and throwing away/donating what we don't need.

There was a going-away party for Tom today at Chili's. We walked in and I thought it was just 3-4 tables...I was wrong. There were guys at every table up and down one whole side of the restaurant. Our table had a big bunch of balloons wrapped around a special present from Mark, a handle of Southern Comfort. They also gave him a plaque with an alligator head on it, all the guys signed the back. It was neat to read some of the things that were written to him. I hope that Tom will work with some of these guys again, others can stay here. lol

Ok, it's late and if I'm going to get up and moving in the morning I should head to bed.

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