Monday, November 3, 2008

1st Day of school in CA

Tommy and Anthony had their first day of class at their new school today. We arrived early to find their classrooms and talk with Tommy's teacher. I knew he'd be ok, he's pretty resilient. I was worried about Anthony. His first year of school, going from all day to half day and the fact that he was just getting over being upset in the mornings as he got on the bus. He keeps hoping that there will be a bus #85 for him at his new school. lol

Tommy went to school just before 9. The 4 of us headed home for some building time. The boys have a new-to-them bunk bed set, courtesy of my good friend Tiff. It went up with no problems and now their room looks like a room instead of it resembling a home with squatters. lmao At about 11:35 Anthony and I made the drive to school. He said he was going to miss me (awwww!) and I reminded him that he would be gone 1/2 the amount of time he was used to. He reluctantly gave me a hug once his teacher explained the outside play rules and went off to play.

Fast forward through our pretty dull afternoon to 2:45 and we set out for an afternoon walk to get the boys from school. Thankfully it only took us 15 minutes even with allowing Alex to walk at his own pace for the first few minutes. Once he went into his stroller and Tom started playing games with it he had a blast. The walk back took a little longer, obviously, but it was nice.

'Til tomorrow...


Lis said...

Lis here (Kathy's friend) it sounds like a good first day.

Kathy said...

aWWw It sounds like a good first day! I second Lis :) I hope he loves his teacher!