Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have a confession to make...well, two really.

I am a smoker and am addicted to Coke. The two best things for my teeth and health. lol

On Tuesday morning I started my day with the idea that I am done smoking. About halfway through my day I also finished my last bit of Coke in the house. Surprisingly, Tuesday wasn't so bad. Wednesday wouldn't have been so bad either, if I didn't have to go up to the school 4 times and listen to Alex whine and cry for no good reason. I was also exhausted. I stuck to it though, I bought a 20oz at the grocery store. I know that I can get through the day without pop, I just choose not to. But, I know that to help me lose weight and be healthier I have to quit drinking so much of it.

My poor hubby received the brunt of it last night, though I have to admit some of the things he said/asked were stupid or I had already explained/answered. lol I do have to keep my emotions in check though, I've snapped at the boys a couple of times and I regret what I said to them. I don't do well under stress, which is why I smoked.

Onto other things...I am current on my 365 project. I've been taking a photo every day, there have been a couple days I haven't been able to get it posted on said day though. It's getting done, 15 days in already. lol Seems like it's been alot longer. I'm going to try to scrap a 2pg layout for each week, or maybe 1pg for each week. I haven't exactly decided yet and am not about to try to tackle it right now. Maybe at the end of the month...

I did do another layout though. I had a great 2pg layout started of our house out here in CA and then my laptop battery died (someone unplugged my computer) and it I lost it all. So, when I feel up to it, I get to attempt it again, re-sizing and placing some 14 photos. Fun!! lol

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Library Mary said...

Kelly......I am glad that I re-discovered your blog and your wonderful artwork. I'm just beginning to read and catch up and obviously I haven't gotten very far, but I had to comment on your post regarding the smokes and coke.

I am a former smoker and I have to tell you that life on the other side is sweet. I am very proud of a lot of things and giving up the smokes is right up there. Don't let the inner deamons rationalize your craving.....hang in there and I promise you, you will be happier.

I'm not addicted to coke or any other soft drink but I have a daughter who is addicted to caffeine and has been off of it since January 1st. She's hanging in there....she's young and I appreciate that she's trying to do this. I swore that we'd have a family intervention if she didn't do it on her own. And actually, I think it was her boyfriend that really moved her to take the plunge.

As well, in finding your blog again, I am reconnected with the wonderful gift of scrapbooking that you have shared with us. Right now, I have so many projects going, but you have inspired me to try to pick up the digital scrapbooking again. This will be my third attempt and for the life of me, I can't figure out what I'm missing. I am very computer saavy and I have all the things I need, I just can't put it together. People say that once I get the hang of the layering I'll be okay.

So, thanks....hang in there with the smoking and have a great day.