Thursday, January 8, 2009

first 7 days

7 whole days into the new year and I'm burnt out already. Today Anthony went to AM kindergarten class and was to be picked up at 12:24, Tommy had a minimum day and needed to be picked up at 1:13. Today I just got Tommy from school at 12:24 with Anthony.

It also marks 7 days that I have taken pictures and posted one a day on my 365 blog. Last year I wasn't able to complete the whole year, I was fighting pretty hard to find the inspiration by March. I'm hoping that this year I can improve my photography skills, work on my post-processing and document our lives with the pictures.

I also finished up 2 more layouts since the last time I posted about scrapbooking. I need to streamline my process and organize my supplies a bit better so that I am more efficient with my time. I have too many hopes for this year, but I'm still bound to not make any resolutions, just make more of an effort to slowly change the things I want to.

So, with that I'm off til tomorrow...I need to get my kitchen cleaned up so I don't wake up to the mess.

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meems said...

your layouts look great!

i've been taking pics with my iPhone but haven't gotten around to posting them. Not sure what I want to do.