Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, when I sat down I wanted to write about a big realization DH and I had since my surgery, but I didn't want to be a downer. So, I'll wait til another day, I've been depressed enough for a few days.

Instead I'm going to do a lot of linking up today. :) Thought that maybe someone else may be interested in some of the things I've found in the past couple days.

So, at The Daily Digi today they have a fabulous paper bag hybrid tutorial.

Darcy Baldwin is having a font contest, I'm thinking about submitting something, I've been wanting my handwriting as a font for a while, no time like the present, right?

I've found a new vampire book series I'm going to be ordering as soon as I have some extra money to do so, it's the Sookie Stackhouse Series.

I love the look of all the layouts I see using Natali Designs, and now I really want her All You Need Is Love kit, it's 20% off too!

The Cooker's Blog has some great recipes and a cute recipe template free for download.

Yesterday I ordered my Mac Box Set, it shipped today! I'm super excited to try out the new OS and be able to get our camcorder movies useable. So I've been organizing, deleting and moving things to my EHD to have everything backed up before the new install.

Since I got the new OS and iLife for my computer I'm considering getting DH this Xbox hard drive. It makes sense for us, we can rent movies through Netflix on our Xbox, the boys have an Xbox that only has a 256 memory unit, so they can use the old HD. The bonus is that it comes with a data transfer kit so that we can pull off our info from the old drive to the new one. I know all too well how proud DH is of his gamerscore. lmao

I've kept up with the Project 365 for the most part. Only 2 days missing, but with the last week and a half we've had I think it's understandable. Tom and the boys took pictures for me for when I was in the hospital and once I got home. Which reminds me, I need to snap a shot for today. Speaking of Project 365, I really want this 365 kit from Gina. It's just too expensive, I can't justify the price right now...though it's packed full of goodies. lol She has a bunch of additional add-ons as well, it'll just break my bank. I have got to figure out a way to get on that creative team. ;) lmao

Well, it's about dinner time, I should wake up the hubby and see if I can attempt to make dinner tonight. I'll leave you with my 365 shot from boys sitting together, reading after homework time. I used the Better Black and White tutorial from The Daily Digi to get the black and white conversion.

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meems said...

aww, Kelly, I had no idea you were sick :(. I hope you feel better soon.