Thursday, February 19, 2009

why you should always check your hair before leaving the house

...because you never know who will knock on your car window while waiting for the teacher to open the gates for the PM kindergarten class.


I had been playing with the boys and just threw my hair up in a pony tail after. I usually don't spend much time in front of the mirror, ever. A few minutes each morning to brush my teeth is the norm. Sometimes 10-15 if I blow dry my hair &/or put on make-up. Of course last night I fell asleep without washing my face and hadn't yet washed my face before taking Anthony to school. The whole morning it felt like we were running behind, almost late. So, when I noticed it was time to take Anthony to school we just jumped into the truck. Normally we just sit and wait for a teacher to open the gates and Anthony jumps out and goes into school.

Not today, another mom came up to the truck because she noticed our Michigan plates. I was surprised so I stuttered, nice one Kelly, when she asked if dh was Navy. "No, M-M-Marines," I said to her. Ugh, I'm so smooth. No wonder I don't know anyone around here. lmao Anyway...she wanted to see where we were from in MI because she's from MI too. She seemed nice enough. Her son is in Anthony's class.

Then I must've totally looked like a freaking stalker, because I followed her nearly all the way home. If I hadn't turned on the street I normally do to get to my house it really would have looked like I was following her. lmao I think she lives on the street behind us, at least I think that is where that street goes. lol I just hope I didn't scare her. She looked so neat and put together. Dior sunglasses and pink track suit, and here I was my Simply Vera Wang sunglasses from Kohl's, Gap sweatshirt & black yoga pants from Target.

Almost time to go get the boys from school, so I'm off here to go check myself in the mirror before that happens again. lmao


Kathy said...

LOL sounds like me! Don't you love the surprise window attack? LOL I have to say, Kindergarten has given me motivation to match everyday and atleast put on some mascara. :)

Kirsten said...

Oh dear. Thank you for visiting my site.

gabs said...

LOL - yes, it's always good to have a final check into the mirror!
happy friday!