Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have to shamefully admit that budgeting has never been my forte. Though, all of our bills are paid, in full and on time and we always have what we need. Sometimes we are also able to get ourselves things we want also.

My hardest thing to come to terms with is shopping at places like Target and Wal-Mart. There's just such a variety of "stuff" there that it's easy to become tempted to let it slide into your cart. I also have this inability to say "no" to the hubby. I feel like I've let him down somehow if I tell him that we can't buy something that he wants. It's his paycheck. Especially if it's the new movie of the week, we can surely swing $16 to make him happy. We've cut our movie spending down greatly. I've been struggling with all of this for a few months now, especially knowing that our rent in CA is slightly higher than our housing allowance, and our utility cost will more than likely be higher due to the rates out here.

I have commited myself to thoroughly diving into our finances and making a plan to implement come January 1st. I need time to get it all sorted through, then to present it to the hubby. He has no idea how much we pay for things or how much his paycheck it and I'm irritated when he seems to think that there is always money in the account.

Anyway, I should end this post considering it's almost 5pm on Saturday and I started this around 11pm on Friday. This is my second goal for the new year; the first is to quit smoking, again.

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