Wednesday, August 20, 2008

back from SoCal

So, the hubs and I are back from SoCal. That was a long flight back, very glad that we didn't have the kids with us.

We got up super early to fly out there and stayed the whole week at the Pechanga Resort & Casino. It was nice to stay at a nicer place for a change, and we got to gamble for the first time! lol We won a little, lost a little, in the end I think we came out $14 ahead! lol Big winners that we are.

We saw some houses nearly each day of the week. Monday we went to Oceanside and saw the houses that were probably in our price range and we were assured that we didn't want to buy any of those. Tuesday we saw houses in Temecula to buy that were generally about twice the size, newer and in a much better area. Wednesday we saw 2 rentals, one that we loved and one we would settle on. lol We still have no firm answer on anything...which frustrates me. The other was running a credit check when we left to head down to San Diego, why they don't have an answer yet is frustrating.

We drove around a lot and saw a bit of Temecula's Wine Country, found all sorts of stores, we went down to Oceanside and walked around the street fair thing they had, wish we had more money, lots of stuff I wanted lol. We picked up some souvenirs for the kids and saw Pineapple Express. Friday we had to kill time around town just in case we got an answer so we saw Death Race. lol Afterwards we drove down to Coronado Beach. We tried to see Lisa Lampanelli on Thursday night, but they were sold out. It was nice to be able to do whatever we wanted, but we were out there for a specific reason and we had to kill more time waiting on call backs, it was frustrating. We both thought we would be busier so we didn't plan to do anything except go down to the beach at Oceanside one afternoon.

Will post pics later.

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