Thursday, August 28, 2008

we have a CA address!!!

I am so relieved that the rental realtor finally got in touch with us today to let us know that they accepted our application to rent the house. It is such a weight off my shoulders to know that my family will have a place to live when we get there. We will be able to get the school situation figured out and do as much as we can from here so that the kids can get back into school quickly.

The lovely silver car in the driveway was our rental when we were out there. I wanted to take pics inside, but didn't bring my camera into any of the houses we saw. I meant to, but I also thought that we would be able to check out the house one more time before we left town, we just didn't want to go back and get our hopes all up for something that might fall through. So, we will try to remember what this house looked like on the inside. It's hard to differentiate the houses though, we saw so many. lol This one does have a large kitchen with white cabinets and a 3 car garage, also a loft area upstairs with a built-in desk area on one wall.

The kiddos are back. It was so nice and quiet until they got here! lol We've been trying to not push ourselves on them because they are having so much fun. I don't know what their plans are tomorrow, but I need to try to run to Wal-Mart to pick up a kindermat for Anthony and 5 composition books for Tommy. We haven't been able to find any comp books anywhere, I might have to order them online and hope they arrive in time for the first few days of school. I also need to finish cleaning up my room & start in on the computer room, it's been a dumping ground for all sorts of things lately.

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