Monday, August 11, 2008

Friday Letters

I almost forgot that Kathy told me about this today. I decided that since Alex is wielding a crayon I must stay in the same room to keep an eye on him, so I figured I would check it out the Friday Letters blog.

It's got great prompts for you to write about. It would be wonderful for scrapbookers. I'm wondering about creating a blog for it myself and maybe creating a notebook to write in my own writing. I am going to start with prompt 1 when we get back (or on Friday if I have time) on the blog, maybe a blog of it's own, haven't decided yet. Creating a notebook filled with letters in my own writing really calls to me. I love having letters, I've kept all the ones that Tom wrote me while he was deployed each time. There are services, such as blurb that will create a book out of your blog, so I suppose, when the time comes, I could always order one of those.

Just another thing for me to add to my to-do list. This would be a great project though for me while we are driving across the country in October. I won't have housework to keep me from it and that time with the kids will help me remember their quirks that I love so.

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