Wednesday, August 13, 2008

new iPod

So, my dear, sweet husband was trying to do a good thing and get me something I had been wanting for awhile. And he even thought ahead and wanted to get it so it could be used on our trip this weekend. It arrived yesterday and I opened it once he got home, and I reacted so badly when I opened it and saw what it was. I am ashamed of myself, it's not that I didn't appreciate the thought - but when I opened the box it was a brand new 80gb iPod. I know that we don't have the money for that. Plus, we had agreed over a month ago that getting me a new one (yes, I already have an iPod, no it's not broken - but it doesn't play videos, and that's what I wanted) was a silly idea and it would be a waste of money. If I really wanted to watch movies that badly I could borrow his iPod if I should need to.

I hurt his feelings and I feel horrible about it. Today he says to me, "Sell your old one and don't worry about the money. Just open it." So, after dinner I did. I lifted it out of the box it came in, which is remarkably smaller than the box my other iPod came in. It's much thinner, but heavy. As I was spinning it around admiring the silver shiny-ness of it I noticed something on the back. Hmmm, what is that I though to myself. After closer inspection I realize that my dear husband had it engraved for me. After reading it and realizing that if we had returned it I would have never seen it, I felt like a complete ass. I should have just accepted it yesterday and been horribly grateful that he thought to get me anything at all.

I love him so much. Although at this moment he's a bit irritating. lol ;)

To our favorite woman
From all your favorite boys


Lovingtolove said...

OMg how incredibly sweet! I'm so glad you kept it! He's a keeper!

Tammy aka bunchie said...

Good things come in small packages! He sounds sweet. I wanted to catch up with you and see if you would do the September 2008 RAKScraps Team interview? Let me know by Monday if you can or not. (AKA Tammy aka bunchie).

meems said...

awww, what a sweet inscription! enjoy your new ipod!