Monday, August 11, 2008

{funny things}

So, while I was visiting Andrea's blog today I saw her post a little cartoon about photography from WhattheDuck. I decided to go to the website to see more, I am so glad I did. The cartoons are so funny! Great shirts too, maybe I'll add one or two to my Xmas wish list ;)

We are trying to get everything pulled together for our trip this weekend. I'm finding that I'm going out of my fool mind trying to remember everything. Remind me not to leave everything til the last minute, I'm really feeling quite ill. Tom's been so busy at work too the past few days. Thursday, early morning, late night in the field; Friday early-ish morning and regular time off, but busy; Saturday, duty; Sunday, misc errands and then today was another early day and in the field all day. He's passed out on the couch currently. We're snapping at each other due to stress & lack of planning on our parts.

I'll post more another day, I have some stuff I should get taken care of before I need to try to get to bed.

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