Saturday, August 30, 2008

boys are back

My boys are back home! They arrived Wednesday night with Aunt J and cousin J. I thought Aunt J would want to go do stuff with them, but we just sat around Thursday during the day. Thursday evening we took Tommy and Anthony to school to meet their teachers and find their classrooms. Tommy has the same teacher as he did last year, so he had no issues. Anthony's teacher seemed ok, she wasn't particularly easy to talk to, but I'm hoping it was because of all the chaos with it being an open house.

We told both teachers about our upcoming move and Tommy's teacher said she'd be glad to help with whatever we can. Anthony's teacher just seemed bothered that he would only be there for a month and a half.

J & J decided to stay and hang out with us on Friday. So, we went to eat at Moe's Southwestern Grill, we'd never been there before. They had really good burritos, I'm happy we finally tried it. Afterwards, we went to the soccer store to find Tommy's soccer uniform. $65 later and he had 2 jerseys, a pair of shorts, 2 pairs of socks and new cleats. The cleats were $40, so when we went to Target later I tried to convince him that the $18 ones were nice too. He preferred the ones from the soccer store, so to compromise, he didn't get his shiny orange and blue soccer ball that was more expensive than the plain black and white ones. lol

Today we went to the dreaded commisarry, I almost had a panic attack the moment we walked in there. We walked out spending too much, as is normal, and came home. So we are done for the day it is uncomfortably hot outside and I have a daunting pile of laundry waiting for me. So, we are going to hang out today and play games and watch movies.

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