Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day of '08-'09 school year

My boys left a little under an hour ago to go to their first day of school. They'll be gone until just about 4pm. The littlest man of the house is still sleeping. I took some pictures, they aren't great, maybe tomorrow morning we'll try again. Tom stayed home to see them off on the bus, it was weird to see the 2 of them get on the bus. Anthony didn't seem bothered one bit this morning which is a relief for me. I was really afraid that he would go into a meltdown while getting dressed, putting his shoes on or getting on the bus. No meltdowns this morning, which makes me happy.
1st day of 2nd grade

1st day of Kindergarten

1st day of 08-09 school year

Walking to the bus stop

Waiting at the bus stop

After the boys left for school and Tom left for work I got my pretty, new, inscribed iPod and got on the elliptical. Baby steps, I did 1/2 mile in just under 12 minutes. By the end of the week I'm hoping to be up to 3/4 mile. I am determined to try to take off 5-10 pounds by the time we move. Hopefully the hubby will be helpful in my quest, usually he makes all sorts of promises of helping, or working out together, only to sit on the couch and watch me run around taking care of the house. lol

Well, the littlest man is up now, so I should start to get some things done and get into a routine.

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Lovingtolove said...

Yay for Kindergarteners and 2nd graders!! :) Thanks for helping me through that first week lol