Thursday, September 18, 2008

More landlord woes

I am really grateful that our move to CA will enable us to not have to deal with Mr. Landlord anymore. I am beyond ready to be done with all the crap that comes along with renting from him. I'm hoping that our new landord is better and has had some prior experience renting out his property before. Although, his cashing of the post-dated check makes me wonder, he's lucky the money was there. That's beside the point, back to the current Landlord troubles. He scheduled a company to come clean out the duct work yesterday. Their window was 9-11 and it was supposed to take hours, up to 5. Well, no one showed. Mr Landlord called to double check someone showed around 10:30 or so. Then at about 12:30 he called to tell us they were about 10 minutes out. Great, by this time their 5 hour timeframe was going to push them into the beginning of Tommy's soccer practice. They showed, sat in the driveway, and continued to sit. I hate when people do that, I'm usually here by myself with one or more of the kids and it just gives me an eery feeling. Then Mr Landlord calls to tell us that the company told the service people only to clean the outside unit, so they can't do the duct cleaning, they didn't have what they needed. Wonderful.

It didn't help any that when I took the kids outside that morning to wait for the bus that I suddenly had a nausea attack and my stomach felt like someone had punched me multiple times. I thought it would pass, unfortunately it didn't and I ended up puking into the bushes. Thankfully the boys bus driver is the best, so when the boys just waited at the end of the driveway instead of their normal stop at the corner, she stopped to get them anyway. Tom ended up coming home because of the duct cleaning, so that I could not deal with it since I didn't feel well. I slept on and off throughout the day, but the appointment wasn't held.

They re-scheduled for Friday, let's hope the service people get the right instructions and bring the appropriate equipment this time. I'm really tired of waiting for people to show up.

On a better note, Tuesday when Anthony came home he had a note from his teacher. It was notifying us that they had nominated him for Student of the Month for September. They are having a breakfast for them on Sept 26th. Hopefully Tom won't have any issue getting off work to go. They only allow adults to attend and I don't know anyone who will watch Alex for me. It's a treat for Dad to be able to show up when he can, so he'll go this time.

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Lovingtolove said...

Ugh Mr.Landlord is annoying and I can't wait until you move to Cali too...well...for more than just the landlord reason. lol

um Prego?!?!


YAY for Anthony!!! That is so exciting! Tell him KATE says Good JOb!! (jk lol) (on the Kate part of course) lol