Friday, September 26, 2008

Infectious Laughter

Alex has the best laugh. I wish I could capture it on video or sound recording each and every time he busts out with a giggle. Sometimes it's an honest-to-goodness laugh, other times it's a fake laugh that leads to a real laugh because he's so amused with himself.

He just did this as I got him a cup with a straw and proceeded to pour him milk. He said no as I started pouring it into his cup. So I asked him if he wanted chocolate and what kid would deny chocolate milk? lol He happily said yes, and as I pour the chocolate syrup into his cup he squealed and giggled. The look on his face was sheer joy and I wish I had had my camera or the video camera to capture the delight on his face and in his laugh.

He also finds it highly amusing when I "blow out" the gameboy advance games. Sometimes when we put them into the DS they aren't always recognized right away, so we have to take it out and blow out any dirt that might be in there. He laughs at me each and everytime I do that.

If only he was this cute & adorable all the time. ;)

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