Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A nice little visit

Sam and her kids stopped by overnight last night. They are headed from her parents house in NY to NC. Chris comes home in another month or so and they are having a house built so she is anxiously awaiting getting her hot little hands on those keys. lol I wouldn't blame her at all, it's nice to have a place to call your own.

The garage guy actually made it by today. We were told not to open the garage door anymore because of where it's rotting is where all the springs and pressure it. The guy said basically we were in the worst situation to be in. It's going to cost $650 for a new panel. He suggested buying a new door, but obviously it's up to Mr Landlord. So, this ought to be interesting to see what he's going to do. Oh and tomorrow the people to clean out the ducts will be here from 9-12 for 5 hours! He didn't even ask if it was ok with my schedule. Which is funny, because tomorrow was the one day I was going to head to the store. Alex and I haven't had the privilege of a store trip by ourselves yet, so I thought we would run to Target and pick up the baby gift for M & M.

That's all from me today, I'm feeling lazy so after lunch I think it'd be a good time for a movie.

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