Monday, September 29, 2008

Countdown...19 days

That's right, we will be moving in 19 days.

Today I spent most of the morning making phone calls having utilities turned on and off. All I have left is to call Verizon and have them cancel our service. Tom has to call U-Haul back and reserve a car hauler since that is what we finally decided on (until tomorrow). We even have a California phone number scheduled to be turned on on the 24th!

The ceiling fan in the master bedroom decided that it wanted to be a PITA, on Saturday morning. By PITA I mean popping noises, sparks and suddenly ceasing to turn. So we had to run to Home Depot today to get a new one, we also cut a new piece out of the wall from upstairs, because why would the "white" paint in the house all match? Crazy talk I tell ya. Nothing can be easy for us at this point. lol

We have quite a few small details to work out still about the move. I wish the small details didn't matter, but they do. For instance, finding a hotel in the area for the night of the 17th that accepts pets. Luckily so far I've found 2 and will check the hotel on base tomorrow. Hopefully things will start to fall into place and we can start to feel a little better. As of right now we still aren't sure if TMO is going to change our pack up and move out dates, we won't know until the end of the week. *note to self -- add to to-do list* Such a process. Hopefully things will go fairly smoothly for us soon. We've dealt with enough for a while I think, can we have a break, please?

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