Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what a {bad} morning

Ugh, I hate mornings like this. The ones where you wake up in a panic, don't know what exactly is going on, but know that something is wrong. That was my morning.

Normally we wake up at 7:10 for school. Well I was awoken by Anthony at about 8:35 telling me that Mr Landlord was here. What?! I flew out of bed, grabbed my sweater because of course I had been sleeping, so I had my sleep shorts on and a tank top with no bra. lol I flew downstairs as the phone starts ringing. I get the alarm turned off and open the door to Mr Landlord standing there, I must've looked absolutely freaking awesome. He wanted to know if it was ok that the a/c guy was ok to come out in a half hour rather than the time frame of 10-2 that they gave us yesterday. I tell him that's fine. I run inside & immediately get on the boys cases about why they didn't wake me up. I checked my cell phone to see why I didn't wake up to my alarm, well, it was probably because my phone died in the middle of the night. Wonderful.

So, it's almost 1 and I'm really feeling overwhelmed and edgy since I had a bad start to my morning. The a/c guy said that the whole system really needs to be replaced due to the age and efficiency of it. It'll cost $1300 to get the system replaced or $600 for him to come out again and clean what he can. I knew there was something wrong with the system, there just had to be. Now Mr Landlord is saying the guy told him he adjusted it so it'd be working better, etc and to let him know how it is. Of course it's a nice, coolish day today with no real need for the a/c to be running.

This is so our luck.

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HSDesigns said...

Oh MAN - I HATE that panicked feeling I get when I sleep late and realize what time it is.