Monday, June 2, 2008

Giving it up...the desktop

Tom and I have been pondering the idea of getting rid of our desktop for a few months now. He sees that hardly anyone ever touches it sees as we both have a laptop. I do use it, occasionally. When the kids want to check on their webkins, we set them up on there so they can all see the monitor. We also have our older desktop out in the garage, well the tower anyway, the monitor is in a box in the basement. I would love to find someone I could sell it to, but I feel bad asking money for things that aren't the latest technology anymore. I don't know if I could get $50 for the old tower, it's probably 5 years old now.

I am just torn. I see the idealness of it, no need for the big, bulky desk we have, one less thing for Alex to screw up, etc. But I see it as too that our router goes through the desktop (we could get a new one, I know), the printer is set up to the desktop, and I like knowing that it's there available to use if I want. All things that are easy to get around. I love our new desktop though! lol This is how I argue with myself. :) It's so nice & compact, being everything is built into the monitor and we have no tower now. Though Tom did promise me that once we move we could get an iMac, which is compact too.

Anyone know anyone who might be interested in a less that year old Sony Vaio? lol

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