Sunday, June 29, 2008

{slip 'n slide}

So, Tom & I agreed a few months ago that while the cheapo pools are fun for the kiddos we just don't take care of it like we should. Besides we don't have any time to fix the grass that would inevitably die underneath. So, we agreed on a slip 'n slide for this summer. We finally went out to get it on Friday afternoon. Target only had 2 kinds and we weren't in the mood to go running around anymore so we bought the inflatable raft style with the little "lagoon" at the end. Jason and Tommy were a bit disappointed since they had hoped for the shark pool or something like that. Once we got it to the house and set up they all had so much fun.

Anthony is unsure of running & sliding down it, but he will crawl to the end under the shower of water. Alex doesn't have the balance or grace to run & slide, so I'm glad that he doesn't attempt it, he likes to crawl don the slide and dive into the pool. I took over 300 photos that afternoon, I deleted quite a few, I think I'm down to 270 now. There are still some more I need to go through. I did get a chance to edit some of them so I will try to post those in a minute.

On the digi side of things...I created my first layout as a team member for Amanda Heimann. I used the Tiki Tiki Boom Boom kit for it. I've been really good on not spending money on supplies too, only $1 since payday! lol I think that's a record for me, but I really do have more than I have used. So, until I get a bunch more layouts done, no more hefty spending on digi supplies; but who can resist the $1 days some shops have! lol :)

And, now onto the photos...I will post them as thumbnail size so that it won't take the page sooo long to load. Hopefully they will look good enough to click on and see the larger version. Once I get my new watermark/logo done up I will begin to post them on my photography blog too.

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