Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I won!

lol The Digi Chick has been holding a monthly contest with prizes, each month different prizes. For May it was $150 worth of gift certificates to certain designers stores at The Digi Chick. Guess who won??? ME!!!! Yay!!! I've been trying to curb my spending on supplies, especially since I haven't been inspired to scrap at all lately. I've started quite a few pages only to trash them the following day, wondering to myself what the hell was I thinking.

Sam & the kids stopped by last night. The kids had fun seeing each other. It was nice to sit and talk to a friend in person for a change. I haven't seen any of my friends sine we went down to NC to see Chris off in the beginning of April. Tom's friends stop by to leave their stuff in our garage. So it was nice to sit and hang out with Sam for a bit.

Today I feel like crap though, I don't know if I ate too much Chinese last night (her treat) or if I'm feeling the effects of being so anxious about our impending trip to MI. I found out yesterday that the last day of school isn't the 16th, it is the 13th, so I think I am going to pull Tommy out at 11 and get on the road. I don't think a couple of hours will make much of a difference on the last day of school. I want to get on the road before traffic gets crazy and get there before it's too late. So, 9 days I think. It feels like I have a ton of stuff to do. Hopefully this weekend the boys will help me get things taken care of so that there isn't much to do next week. I'll need luck with that one, Tommy will be good about it, as always, but Anthony & I will come to blows over it, as always. lol

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