Wednesday, June 25, 2008

happy hump day

So, it's Wednesday already...I don't know where the beginning of the week went. It has been slightly stressful with the additional child here, but not horrible. I think I feel like we must entertain him during his stay. Which wouldn't be so bad if we had money to do alot of stuff, besides a small fortune for gas money.

We did take them to the pool on base yesterday. It was half the cost of the other pool I was going to take them to, but someone complained because he had to stay in the kiddie pool with us. We've been watching some of the movies we've stashed; Jumper, Be Kind Rewind, Semi-Pro and The Bucket List. It's been nice to relax with the hubby for a change, but I feel really lazy.

While I was gone I was hoping to get some time to scrap & take a lot of photos, but that didn't happen either. I took a few photos, but did nothing on the scrapbook front. Speaking of scrapbooking...Amanda Heimann added me to her CT! I'm excited, I love her stuff. I also applied to Karah Fredricks CT, hoping that maybe this will help to curb my digi-spending. lmao

So, I should really go do something productive...I will leave you with a few of my favorite photos from our trip.

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