Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is my goal, to lose the 20 pounds I've put on since last August. I still can't believe that I gained that much weight. I felt pretty good about myself when Kathy & I went to NC in July; when I came home apparently it all went downhill.

So, with Kathy's advice and after taking a look at some recipes I have decided to try the South Beach diet. I really think that because of phase one and the 10lbs or so weight loss in the first 2 weeks I will really be motivated to continue with it. We are hoping to get to MI for the 4th and the week following so it will start when we get back. While we are gone I am going to make lists and gather recipes to try out. Tom said he wants to try it with me, and since we aren't eliminating so much stuff, the boys will be making the transition too. They won't technically be on the diet, we will still get them fruit & chips, but the meals will be the same.

So, wish us luck. I really want to just get down to 130 again. My jeans hurt when I wear them and I'm embarrassed about my pregnant belly I have acquired even though I'm not pregnant.

So, I think this Kalyn's Kitchen looks like it will be my go-to blog for SB recipes. I've only checked out a couple, but I think tomorrow I may try this egg muffin recipe; I'm loving the idea that you can make extra & freeze the extra. I just received the South Beach Diet Supercharged in the mail today. I've glanced through it and read through most of the first chapter. I'm glad I decided to order the book, I'll hopefully be able to look it over while we are in MI.

So, besides having losing weight & food on my mind I have been pre-occupied with all our plans for the fall. Tom and I have tickets to head to San Diego (I may have mentioned this previously) in August, hopefully to find a house to buy. Once we come back from MI I am hoping to get rid of the rest of our unnecessary items. The black desk that is out in the garage will go on Craig's list, the rocking chair in my room, I also have some computer programs and books that I plan to list on ebay and half.com. I'm hoping to sell enough to make a decent dent in our credit card balance. I also have to be diligent about reeling Tom in on his dvd purchases. So, we are going to start making lists of new releases, agreeing on a number and taking out the appropriate amount of money out of the ATM on payday. I don't think he has any concept as to how much money he gets paid, how much money goes out in bills, and how much money we should be able to save each month but don't because he likes to spend. Of course when he gets something, then I want things too...I'm not completely innocent in all this.

Goodness...I've just rambled on for far too long. I'm off to search out more SB friendly recipes and head to bed. :)

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