Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So, I think that I'm really not cut out to have 4 kids. lol These past few days with my nephw here have just been near horrible. He's a good kid, most of the time. My SIL doesn't push him on a lot of things so he skates by on a lot of things he shouldn't do. There have been quite a few times this week that I just wanted to smack the smug, disgusted look off his face. I try to remind myself multiple times a day that he's used to it only being him & his mom, but then I see how he acts when we tell him to do things and the way he treats Tommy, Anthony and Alex.

I had a blow up this morning and had to call Kathy. I was so close to running outside to smoke. I haven't been able to do things I want, let alone need to do because I constantly have to be on their cases about not sitting and watching tv all day. No matter if it's a show they probably don't like they will sit there for the sake of sitting there.

I know most kids do this, but J seems to have a knack for it. My boys do on occasion too, I know full well that they are far from angels. lol The difference is when I tell them to go do something productive for a bit they go and play. They go to the toy room & get their nerf guns and battle their stuff animals, they play with the army guys, they go down in the basement and make up games and play in the tent. When I suggested the past 2 days for them to go do something productive, J went and laid on Tommy's bed. He's a part of the family until he goes home, how can I accept him doing that but not my own kids? I can't . It's so hot here that I can't stand it, so we don't go outside like we should. Last night, however we went for a walk at 7:30 and since it was decent out Tom and I began to tackle the jungle that is our backyard. The boys, well they sat on the deck.

I'm at a loss as to what to do. We don't have enough money to be running around doing stuff everyday. I took them to the library on Sunday. I'm ready to go back, but I don't know if they are. We will probably go tomorrow regardless though. I bought a paper craft magazine and showed them all the cool stuff they could make and they started in on it, and that lasted about 20 minutes. I don't expect them to do it all day.

After the blow up this morning, which obviously didn't phase any of them because I've gotte n3 requests to play games. I said that they were disrespectful, spoiled brats this morning. Maybe not the bed choice of words, I'm sure the yelling didn't help, but I couldn't help it. For the second day in a row I offered something for lunch and it was disrespectfully rejected. I had had enough. My boys don't act like that and I will be damned if they learn it from J.

So, I think I'm going to find a good movie to watch and chill out in my room for a bit.

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