Monday, July 21, 2008

where'd all the {money} go?

So, yeah, Tom got paid last Monday, somehow, when I checked our bank account this morning, we are down to nothing. How could that have happened?! Thankfully I went grocery shopping (though only planned for a week) and all the bills are paid, but we should have had plenty of money to last us until next payday (which isn't until the 31st). WTF? I really have no idea how we went through it so fast. Because of the fact that we will need diapers by the end of the week I am seriously considering returning what I can of my goodies from Michaels. Or get someone to buy our desktop. lol

So, because of the money issue I decided that the rebate reward check from our credit card was going to go into the bank for cushioning purposes rather than go towards the balance of the credit card as intended. I piled the 4 boys into the car at 3 and headed to base, the branch there is closer to us? I get off Rt 1 and I can't turn left off the exit, because that gate to base is closed. So, I have to basically get on 95, go back the way I cam on Rt 1 (with no where close to turn around) or go through the other side of base to get to the other branch on Garrissonville Rd. I decided to just go back up Rt 1 to Garrisonville Rd. This took more time and was nearly unbearable in the nearly 100* weather and no working a/c in the truck. I sat through 3 rotations at a left turn light, then waiting behind 3 other cars at the bank because there was only 1 lane open. When it was finally my turn I found out that their system was down, but she could give me a hand-written receipt.

I'm done for the day. I think I'm going to do my pilates dvd or get on the elliptical for a few minutes and take a shower. I'm about ready for bed.

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