Monday, July 7, 2008

on vacation

So, we are out of our own home and visiting family in MI. While I really wouldn't classify this as a vacation since it's far more stressful and chaotic than being at home, Tom is off of work and we are just sitting around our own home.

We have been busy since being up here. Friday we went to the lake and visited with family, played in the lake, went for boat rides and watched fireworks. On Saturday we went to see my grandparents along with my aunt and cousins. We took the boys to the Yum-Yum Tree and had a small lunch, the intention was to get ice cream, but a few of us were hungry so we had a light lunch. We said good-bye to my aunt and cousins since they were leaving on Sunday to go back home and we ventured back to Tom's mom's house since Tom an I were going to let Jackie take the boys and we were going to go see a movie. We packed the boys a bag and took off for the theater. We saw Wanted and really liked it. Then we ventured on to Best Buy where we spent too much money, again. Tom is pleased though because now his parents are equipped with an Xbox 360 and some good games.

Yesterday was Jason's 9th birthday and the day was spent at the lake. The boys had a lot of fun since there were a couple of other kids there as well. I have a lot of photos, I took about 200 yesterday trying to get a good shot of the kids on "Great Big Mabel" lol the big tubing raft that the neighbors let us borrow. We all had a lot of fun on that.

So, I need to get up and clean up the mess we've left in our wake before we aren't the only ones in the house anymore.

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