Saturday, July 26, 2008

no more games

That is what it has come down to in my house. I tried to be nice today and set up the Wii with the old Gamecube controllers so that they could play a gamecube game. I made them promise me that there would be no fighting and that they were promising to be good the rest of the night and tomorrow (a buddy of Tom's wants to take them swimming). A bit after beginning to play I hear J tell Anthony that he doesn't like him anymore (or it might've been he hated him, regardless) so I yelled down the hall to turn off the games. I asked and they just stared at me like I was speaking a foreign language. So, no more games today or tomorrow. I needed a minute to cool off from the whole thing so I sat my lazy but in front of my computer for a bit.

I listed some more old games on ebay. I want to scrap but have no motivation to. I think this whole disrespect from J is really getting to me. I'm in awe that he acts the way he does. He comes from an entirely different home environment and I try to remind myself of that, but some of this is just ridiculous. If either of my boys looked at me, talked to me or treated me the way he does I think I would just haul off and slap them and lock them in their rooms. Of course I can't do that with J because he just sits in the room anyway (I wouldn't be able to bring myself to smack him) missing his mom and being sad that he can't go home yet.

I have this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that they are going to come back from 2 weeks in MI with little attitudes. And right before school starts too, nothing like a new routine, lack of sleep from staying up so late, and new school year jitters to content with along with some newly acquired attitude changes. Just what I want to deal with the first couple days of school. I'm almost hoping that Anthony will have an orientation with his teacher, an open house or something that week so she can bring them home early. As much as I'm going to try to get a ton of stuff done while they are gone, having them be good kids is much more important. The two older boys will be in school this fall so it'll only be me and Alex. I might be able to get some things accomplished.

Ok, well, enough venting for me...I've got to go take away the game systems before little hands gets on the Wii or it's bed time. What a wonderful night this will be.

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