Sunday, February 3, 2008

Look at Tommy go!

So I finished my layout for the anything goes challenge at The Digi Chick. The extraction isn't perfect, but before I print it out I will probably touch it up a bit. All those pixels were starting to give me a headache and I wanted to get it posted to the challenge gallery before I wanted to re-do it or start a new one.

It was another nice day today so Tom took the kids outside for a while. He was trying to get Tommy to get comfortable on his bike and try starting out on his own. He got it a couple of times and even turned around on his own once. I'm sure with more time outside he'll get more confident and be ready to ride around the neighborhood in no time.

We tried to take pictures of the kids this morning. I had this great idea to get these cute heart shaped lollipops from Target and take photos of the kids to do Valentines cards with. What was I thinking??? While we were trying to unwrap the lollipops we realized they were broken in a couple spots, despite our efforts picking them out in the store and being super careful with them. We did get a couple good photos. I've already edited them the way I want so now all that is left is decide the size Valentines cards to send out, then design them up. I'm doing the same card to send to everyone, so if the kids will leave me alone for a bit tonight I can get that done.

Now, if I could only get Tom to chill out for a bit when the kids need something and heaven forbid he needs to remove himself from the couch to do something for them. Ah, but what would I have to complain about then?? lol ;)

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