Saturday, February 23, 2008

{This Property} for Public Auction

That's right, our landlord has apparently has defaulted on his mortgage. We got a letter addressed to Occupant yesterday. It was from a debt collector and it said that due to the mortgage not being paid, the lender has accelerated his loan and requires to be paid, basically. Since he hasn't been paying (not sure on exactly how much he's behind or anything) they are going to auction off his house at a public auction on March 13th, 2008. How wonderful for us!

Funny thing is Mr Landlord assured us last night that we "should be ok" until Oct/Nov when we are due to PCS out of here. He was supposed to come by today to get the letter, but instead called and said he couldn't today so he'll be by tomorrow. He asked Tom to not open any of his mail in the future and to not open anything that may already have arrived open. Ugh - we didn't open his mail - it was addressed to the Occupant, we occupy this house - I thought it was an ad or something. I open things that aren't obvious what they are so that I can shred it if it seems to have too much personal info in it.

One good thing that happened today was that I received my order of 14 12x12 layouts that I ordered from Wonderful service, fast processing and turn around. I am SO happy with my prints (and so is Tom) that we may even pay to have some printed even when there isn't a sale running.
So that's our wonderful weekend. Unfortunately because it is a weekend we have to wait until Monday to try to get anything taken care of. So, if I start to be MIA for a bit it's because we're trying to find a new place to rent and move.

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