Thursday, February 28, 2008

thoroughly {frustrated}

I am thoroughly frustrated with our situation. Not to say that things weren't frustrating over the weekend when offices were closed and we couldn't get any information, but it has steadily gotten worse throughout the week. Here we are almost into Thursday and we have NO solid information about anything.

The realtor I think is hesitant to help us anymore because technically we aren't in a lease anymore, so her company is no longer responsible or accountable. Mr Landlord refuses to put together a competent sentence. He is always going around in circles and not really saying anything productive or helpful. Tonight in fact when Tom called him and informed him that we are now getting letters from a lawyer about the foreclosure on the house like its ours, all he had to say was "You guys should be fine. You are in the US Military and you have rights." I don't know what kind of rights he thinks that service members have, but if the house is being foreclosed on and headed to public auction the person that buys the house will probably not want to have to deal with us. I really don't get him and I'm getting more and more frustrated as time goes on.

I emailed my grandparents to see what they think we should do. I know ultimately it is our decision and we will make the end decision, but it's nice to hear what other people think. The realtor emailed me back this morning when I wrote and asked for some listings of rentals in our price range and she said that we shouldn't have to give 30 days notice since we are technically not in a lease anymore. Speaking of which, Mr Landlord is again trying to screw us over by telling Tom that the base legal offices have walk-ins on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - when Tom tried to tell him that he called today and they said Tuesday. And that is just to get in there, explain what you need to talk to them about and then they give you an appointment time. Mr Landlord isn't sure when he'll get the lease he's getting drawn up back from his "legal channels" - but maybe next week.

Opinions? Suggestions? Let me hear them, I'm happy to listen. I can't imagine that this situation is a cake walk for Mr Landlord, but he's currently living in a house - we are the ones who might not have a home in 17 days.

One good thing is that in the list of rentals the realtor sent there was one that was under our housing allowance (bonus) and it is within the same school district (double bonus!). I want to jump on it since it's such a low rent (well...considering) but I don't want to jump the gun. I think thought that tomorrow the two boys & I will run out and go see it. It's only about 5 min up the road so it wouldn't really be a huge big deal. My only concern is Mr Landlord giving us a hard time about little to no notice and him skipping out on returning our security deposit.

I'm leaning pretty hard to just getting the heck out of here though. Then we have to worry about lease length with the new landlord - we know we'll be out of here in Oct/Nov, so cross your fingers that they will ok a 9 month lease, or work with us somehow.

Well, it's way late and Mr Man is still up - I should head to bed...

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