Friday, February 15, 2008

Roses and frustration

So, my wonderful hubby had 2 dozen roses sent to the house the day before Valentine's Day. The reason for the day before is because the last 2 or 3 years that he's had them sent on V-Day is that they haven't shown up til 8pm on VDay or until the following day. So, this year he decided to try to beat the rush and have them here the day before. They are beautiful and I got a very pretty red vase with them.

The frustration is with Tom's monitor at work. He had "web orders" for 29 Palms a week and two weeks ago. Now he has "web orders" to Camp Pendleton - where does this guy want to send Tom? I told him we should decide and get some actual orders so that we can get our name in on the housing list as fast as we can. Definitely for 29 Palms, maybe for Pendleton.

Other than that I'm still not feeling all that wonderful. Still out of it and just not physically feeling all that great. DH's got a friend coming up this weekend. Which will leave me cleaning up after 4 boys. The 4th who is not very good about cleaning up after himself or anything. Tom and I are going to have some intense conversations about major life events this weekend, well probably Monday after his friend leaves.

Want some pictures? ;) Ok, so no pictures for the moment because the stupid connection keeps getting reset. Maybe tomorrow.

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