Monday, February 25, 2008

Where's a phone that isn't dead?!?!

That was what I was thinking to myself too many times today. We bought a new cordless phone set with 4, yes count them 4, handsets. I didn't hook up one to "save" it. Somehow during our landlord drama over the weekend we didn't charge any of the 3 that are hooked up. So this morning and I start to receive and make phone calls, they each start to die on me, one by one.

Nothing new to report on the foreclosure front. Mr Landlord swears that things are ok and that we will be ok. I'm not so sure about that, I told the realtor as much also today. I also found out from Tom that Mr Landlord wants to draw up our lease extension himself, I don't like the sound of that.

All I wanted to do this weekend was sort through my stash of digital pictures and maybe get a bit of scrapbooking in, but I'm so frustrated with the whole situation that instead of doing what I wanted I sit here and my mind just slips away. I'm done with being so mentally and emotionally drained.

Happy news! A good friend of mine just found out she's pregnant! Yay - we're so happy for you & your family :) I was dragged into looking at crib sets online this morning with her - she's such a bad influence on me! Looking at all those sweet sets, the clothes and the many pictures of babies made my eyes watery and I wondered where my babies went.

Before I get all flustered again (seems to be my motto the past week or so, I'm getting myself so built up with emotion that I just bust out with the tears) I'll share a few photos I just edited. The one of Alex hiding is from tonight. The ones in the snow are from last Thursday.

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