Saturday, February 2, 2008

My first post here

So here it is! Aren't you excited?! I bet that you are! ;) This is my blog, my place to talk about things that I might not necessarily feel comfortable with writing about on the blog I keep updated for the family.

So, my life is pretty mundane for the most part. There will be weeks that go by and nothing really notable or interesting happened. And then there will be weeks like this last week that exhausted me emotionally by the end of the week.

I love taking photos and therefore will probably post a bunch. I also am pretty proud of my digital scrapbooking, so if I feel so inclined I will probably post those too ;)

Just to break in the blog right, here are my photos for Feb 1st and 2nd. (I'm attempting to take a photo a day for 2008 - although I started on the 8th of Jan and have missed a day or two so far.)

This one of Tommy is from today. It was so nice out when we got home from our errands that we made the kiddos stay outside for a bit. We've been trying to get Tommy onto his bike to learn to ride it with no training wheels. So, today was the day and while he didn't go far, it wasn't long before Dad let go and he went a little ways down the road without help. :) I feel horrible that he's almost 7 and just learning how to ride with no training wheels. There just wasn't time or the right area before. Hopefully the next time we can get out there he'll remember today and know he can do it.

This one is for Feb 1st. When Tommy got home from school Tom broke out the pistachios and was trying very hard to convince Tommy to try one. He insisted that he wouldn't like them and it took him about 10 minutes to try the first one. lol When he did he liked them so they inhaled a bunch of pistachios together.

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