Monday, February 4, 2008

My big oops for the week...

So, we received our tax return back in our bank accounts about a week or so ago. Once payday came around I scheduled a payment to pay off our credit card. So, I log onto the credit cards website like always and schedule the payment to be made on this past Friday. I write it down in the checkbook, no problems...Until this morning when I checked our other bank account and found a NSF fee of $25 staring at me. WTF!? Almost immediately though I realized my mistake, I forgot to switch the bank account it was supposed to come out of.

So I called Citibank where I was connected with a customer service representative that could barely speak English and didn't understand my concerns and questions. I asked him what their policy was for something like this, ie are they going to try to take the money out again? My statement shows the balance as if the payment had been made, so I asked when their system would update. No reasonable response. The only thing that I did understand from him was I can either wait a few days and re-schedule another payment or I can transfer the money into the bank account and see if they try it again. Ugh!?! After getting off the phone I realize that even if I wanted to transfer the money it still wouldn't do me any good, it would take about 2-3 days for it to hit my other account nevermind the fact that the receiving bank will undoubtedly put a hold on the funds.

So, I still need to call and see if they can cancel the payment altogether as Kathy suggested. I don't know what I would do without her voice of reason sometimes. ;)

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