Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yuck...this sickness is running through my house. First is was Tommy on Thursday night and Friday. Then Monday night it was Alex first, then Anthony. I began to feel gross about 1/2 way through the day an had to call Tom. I really thought I was going to have a puking fest myself. Thankfully it didn't get that far, but I was hot then cold all day, my stomach was killing me and I was extremely queasy all day.

Tom was so good about it yesterday, he knew that my throat already was hurting plus with being up with the kids all night I didn't sleep well. So, he called into work in the morning and told them he was going to let me sleep in and get Tommy on the bus for me. Awww, I thought it was so nice of him. Then around 12:30 I had to text him to tell him I felt so crappy, at 1 I got a call that he was on his way home. So thankfully I was able to sleep as much as I please yesterday. If I had known though that Alex was going to take a 3 hour nap right after I texted Tom I don't suppose I would have needed to.

I still feel gross today, but better than yesterday. Tommy & Tom had 2 hour delays to work & school because of the freezing rain we got last night. I almost missed getting Tommy on the bus because I closed my eyes for a few minutes. lol I have a bunch of things to take care of today but I still want to just sit around and watch tv.

Oh and on a positive note for me, I had planned on trying to quit smoking yesterday. So by being sick it helped my quest. I just hope that I can hold out today & tomorrow. I've heard that once you get over day 3 you can cope easier, or something. I just hope that if I can do it, then maybe Tom can too. Well, wish me luck!

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