Saturday, May 3, 2008

{urgent care} visit today

So, this morning Tom and I got up and got the yard sale stuff set up. One by one the boys awoke. We knew when Alex was awake because he started to scream. He looked horrible, sleepy eye crap in his eyes, really red & swollen eyes and the bumps on his skin were worse. So I got on the phone to the Naval Clinic because when I called yesterday to make him an appointment (hindsight...should have kept it) I noticed an option for after hours or weekend care. So, I spoke with the person that was working at the front desk and she said that she could call a dr and get us a referral to the urgent care center in town. Perfect. Since we can only go to the ER without a referral from Tri-Care that would be our best option. So, the dr called back and said Urgent Care closes at 2pm, it was 10:30am. So, we waited for about another half hour in hopes of selling the remaining items at our yard sale and then packed it up and got everyone looking respectable and off we went.

We got there at 11:20, over an hour later we were called back to an exam room. Alex wanted nothing to do with being weighed or having his temperature taken. Then we waited in the exam room for what felt like forever. I wonder if the medical staff knows how interesting the bright red bio-hazard container is to kids? lol The dr barely looked at him and asked us what was wrong. I was aggravated by that point and I told him, "We think it might be allergies, but we aren't sure, that's why we are here." He really was in there for no more than 5 minutes and said he'd send a prescription into CVS for us. He said that it's probably allergies and that he would give Alex a shot but he didn't want to make him mad or get "into that" he said. He said that the shot would work faster and it was a shame he couldn't give him one (Alex was being awful). Tom and I both said that if the shot would work faster and give him more relief then we would both hold him down. Then the dr said, no, no it won't be to his advantage. Ugh.

So, we filled the prescription, ran some errands (only because lil man was sleeping) and came home. A friend of Tom's called to see if he could store his bike in our garage so he stopped by to drop it off. We gave Alex his first set of eye drops and we attempted to disguise his other medicine in his juice, but he just wanted milk. I looked at the bottle again and realized that the first dropper (1 tsp) of medicine I took out emptied nearly half the bottle. I don't know how it's supposed to last 5 days. He only needs 1 dose a day, but I don't think we'll get but 3 days worth out of it. I think we may call CVS tomorrow and ask them. Alex does have a dr appt on Weds for his 2yr check up, but I don't think we'll have enough to last until then.

Well, it is NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) and there are lots of goodies for free if you participate in challenges, chats, etc so I am off. Besides, the hubby won't be here all next week, so it'd probably be the nice, loving-wife thing to do and spend time with him ;) lol

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