Monday, May 19, 2008

First Etsy Sale!

Yay! Yeah, yeah, I know I should be gone already. On my way to logging out of all my windows a new email caught my attention. It was a notice from etsy that I had made a sale! Yay! My very first sale at that. What's funny is that I had these up for the 3 or 4 months etsy allows, and nothing sold, not even a question on them, then today I was trying to think of ways to make some money and figured out how much it would be to "renew" the listings and decided that I could come up with the $1.60 if they didn't sell again. So, I just "renewed" these listings a few hours ago!

Can you tell I'm excited? I hope that my buyer likes them and gives me good feedback. I also hope that I get more sales. How awesome would that be? I need to find a way to contribute financially, but I just can't get a job with Tom's work schedule. I know no one here that would keep the boys for an hour (or longer) if Tom wasn't able to be home in time for me to get to work.

Oh, and one more thing in my favor tonight? Wow, could it be?? Is that little man dozing off on the couch across the room? My goodness I may get to go to sleep without him in my bed and before 1am! Now, if only I can get a paid photo shoot, something, anything.

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