Thursday, May 22, 2008



Just wanted to post quick and say that I will have more tomorrow. Some photos I took, and some random good kiddo deeds.

I'll leave you with one right now:

Tommy got on the bus this morning and his bus driver said she loves having him on the bus. She said that he's so nice and well-mannered. Made me so happy to know that he's doing the right thing! *big proud mama grin* Sure she could just be saying that, but I think I'll let myself believe her for now. If it were Anthony she was talking about then I would question her sincerity. lol

Oh, and Tom has duty tomorrow. Guess who has a play at school tomorrow? The only thing through the whole year that he's had at school. Yep. That's right, the only thing all year and Tom has duty tomorrow night. He even tried to switch but the guy who has duty tomorrow said his kid has something going on at school on Thursday night. Ahhh, well...maybe next year. At least it's a long weekend.

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