Monday, May 19, 2008


So, it's not a recent discovery, but one I felt compelled to write about tonight. I truly am addicted to my computer and the internet. Sure, I could survive without it for a day, probably even a week...but why would I want to? It's just too much fun. There is so much stuff out there waiting for me to find it and to waste my time with. lol

I have a handful of sites that I go to everyday, without fail. Then there are the sites I find along my way. I go from trying to budget grocery shopping and finding good deals to looking for credit card offers that have rebates on gas purchases. lol Then it's off to eBay because the hubby finally gave me a lowest price for the digital camera that I wanted to try to sell. Then it's back to google to find a recipe I lost.

Now I know why I don't get more scrapping done! lol I did get two layouts finished over the weekend though, which is good, but not great. I started two more on Sunday but once I got the photos in some frames and positioned on the page I was at a loss as to what to do. So, saved and into the folder they went. I'm thinking of doing an interview/favorite thing page for each of the kiddos again. I want to do the Digi-Dare for this week also. I have ideas, I just can't get them to pan out once I get to sit down and have a moment to work in photoshop. So, I should go and do something productive around my house...or make my to-do list for tomorrow. ;)

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