Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5 Shot Tuesday

So, my poor middle man, Anthony, went for his physical today. You know that whole big appointment that they need to have to get some paperwork filled out to say they are ok to go to school. He did well for the physical exam, he had his nose stuck in his gameboy the entire time so as long as he did what he was told and could see the screen everything was ok. Then it was shot time - 5 of them. Yeah, I was excited. The lady at the immunization desk asked me if I wanted to split up the shots - I looked at her with a look of sheer shock I'm sure and said No, we're here today let's do it all. lol Even though we're going back tomorrow, I don't think tomorrow would have been the appropriate day to split for. Anthony is 42" tall (I think I remember her right, I'll re-measure him tomorrow) and weighs about 37 lbs.

Poor kid was doing ok until the 5 shots, but after they were done, a sucker & a hug later he was ok. I let him show me the way out of the clinic and then we ran to the gas station for a 1/2 gallon of milk (that cost me $1.99, I had to opt for that when the gallon cost $3.99) and a pop, then across the parking lot for the promised McD's and a shake. Home was our final destination, we didn't make it to the grocery store, I let him decide if he was up for it, I felt bad.

So, since it's a odd occurrence that Alex is sleeping before midnight (who knows when he fell asleep since I'm such an awesome mom tonight) I'm heading to bed myself. Tomorrow, Alex has his 2yr check-up, inevitably there will be shots involved, wish us luck with that. lol We need to run to the post office and I think we'll skip the commissary again. I need to come home and clean my house. I do want to run to WM and grab the new movie and a box of diapers though. I need to pick-up some better bathroom cleaner, the stuff I've been using gives me a headache.

Ok, ok, I'm rambling...off to bed for me. Have a great night!

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