Monday, May 19, 2008

Behind on eBays feedback plans

So, I know I'm a bit behind in the time with ebay. Things have changed a bit since I was selling constantly a few years ago. Today though, as I went to leave feedback for the items I sold last time around I see a little notice from ebay above the feedback form. I can't remember the exact wording at the moment, but the basic concept is that as a seller you can not leave anything but positive feedback for a buyer, or opt to not leave feedback at all.

WTF!? Is all I have to say about that. I think it sucks as a seller. Sure I haven't had to leave many negative feedbacks in my time as an eBay seller, but those few times I had to were because the buyer never paid. I think it's important to warn other sellers that their buyer may not pay up and let them make a judgment on whether to keep the bid or not. What are we sellers supposed to do now about scamming buyers? Those who receive their item, claim there is something wrong with it, not contact the seller then file a Paypal claim?

I'm off to wander the eBay boards for a bit to see if I can find out more information on this. I am thoroughly frustrated about this. I understand the position that some bidders will leave honest feedback and unfortunately there are sellers who will retaliate and leave the same even if the bidder did nothing wrong. But there are those of us who don't. I might wait to leave feedback until I know the bidder received the item but I would never retaliate if they left honest feedback. I just want to know about any problems and have the opportunity to resolve it before negative feedback is left.

Perfect example: The last time my auctions ended I had shipped out a collector's plate that I said came with the certificate of authenticity. The bidder paid and then Alex started up with his allergic reaction sickness. So, my mind was in the clouds and while I shipped out the box like I said, I forgot the COA. The wonderful bidder that I had emailed me to let me know. I was so thankful that they weren't mad, I immediately mailed it to them with a written apology. I felt horrible. But that's what I'm talking about, the days where we just slip and oops, something is a bit messed up but easily fixed.


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