Thursday, May 1, 2008


Tom and I set up our very first brokerage account tonight. It would have been done without a phone call if the website would have allowed me to sign and submit our application. Tom called and answered the same questions I answered online. Then they emailed us a link where we went to "sign" the application (same spot where it wouldn't let me proceed earlier), I clicked the necessary buttons and we now have a brokerage account. I transferred the money into it and Tom went to call to verify the funds so that they would release them so we could buy some stock and the office is closed. Funny how Tom just talked to someone about 15 minutes ago. lol Either way at least it's open.

We received our tax stimulus check in our bank account today, so much for the government not depositing on Thursdays.

I felt like crap earlier in the day and spent the majority of the morning laying in bed. lol Then I found a mess downstairs and proceeded to have a minor meltdown. I did eventually get a few things done, including getting on the elliptical for 15 minutes and going about .57 miles. lol Not far I know, but it's something and at least I did something, better than I have been doing.

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