Sunday, May 18, 2008

new blog layout

Yeah, I like to change these kinds of things. I can never find one that fits me perfectly so I'm constantly changing them. lol We'll see how long this one lasts, though I like the brighter colors.

This weekend was uneventful at our house. I forgot that Tom has tomorrow off of work. I think I will honor his IOU for his shoes and maybe, just maybe, get me some new clothes. I'm thinking a dress and some skirts or something. Kohl's had these really cute shoes on sale for $7.99, but they are no longer in stock. Figures, lol.

I really wanted to go take some pictures, but it wasn't a great weekend to accomplish that. Oh well, maybe another day. I also wanted to get some fabric to try to make a camera strap cover. I'm not very crafty and can't think of anything to put in the fabric to make it a bit softer & to make it not bunch or slide around.

Side note before I say good-night: We're considering buying a house when we get to CA. Well, preferably sign the papers once we get there and have the keys in had. If anyone knows of a good realtor in the San Diego or Oceanside area please let me know. There are a few things we need to work out first, but I think if we can find the right house for a good price and we can get things done from the opposite coast we can make it work. We are just tired of renting right now, base housing wouldn't be bad if that's what we need to do ultimately. I would much rather buy a house and hopefully have our money work for us rather than give it to Mr Landlord.

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meems said...

love the new blog look!
good luck with house hunting