Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Rambling

I can't believe that the weekend is already over. Tom came home Friday afternoon and we had a good weekend. We should have went grocery shopping, but we took one look at the commissary parking lot on Saturday and said a big No to that one.

We spent most of the weekend playing games and watching movies. We knocked out Across the Universe, The Darjeeling Limited, and PS I Love You this weekend. I started a couple of layouts. I finally finished two. It's been raining basically since last Thursday night. Tommy has no school today, I'm not sure on the reason why but it scrolled across the screen this morning during Good Morning America. lol It got me to thinking that after we move there probably won't be any reasons for school to get canceled.


Mormishmom said...

Your LOs are darling! There are a couple of those movies I need to see still.

savitri said...

Great LO! Especially love that second one, so clean!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'll see you around TDC!