Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just another Saturday night...

So, another boring Saturday night around my house. I transferred all the videos from our shiny new JVC camcorder onto my shiny, kind of newish MBP and the files won't read. After some brief reading online it seems as though I can either pay $20 to get some kind of patch for some free software that I downloaded or I can spend $80 and get the iLife bundle that supposedly handles .mod files. This of course makes me want to get a new iMac of course (find the logic in that, lol) because the new OS is obviously pre-installed and of course iLife would be the newest edition also. It's so tempting, but how to approach the hubs???

Tommy had his musical program on Thursday night. Tom should have been home Friday morning before Tommy got on the bus around 8:30am but did not come home until after 1pm. The duty roster got a screwed up and the person who was supposed to come in and relieve him came in, with no cami's and sat in another building (or another office I can't remember exactly) and called people begging them to take his duty. He even offered Tom $150 to take it. Sure, maybe if Tom wasn't supposed to be leaving next week for 3 weeks.

GMAC is still giving us the run around about the odometer statement and additional payment. Sam and I have been discussing buying houses which got me curious as to how our credit report looked. So on Thursday I pulled both mine and Tom's. If you weren't aware, you can get your free credit report once a year from all 3 reporting agencies at Tom's looks good except for that stupid bill from Verizon last year, they sent it to collection when it was their fault with a billing error. Mine however doesn't look so great anymore because I have some credit cards that were my mom's showing up. Two still show as open and there is a charge off from BP on there also. This pisses me off, nearly 2 years ago I disputed those and thought it had been taken care of, so now I will be doing it all over again.

On Friday since Tom was so late in coming home and because I felt like being totally lazy I started in on my Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer. I finished it Friday night around 9. It was good! Now I want to read the others. I'm trying to decide whether or not it's something I would be interested in reading again. If it is I'll buy it, if not then I'll get it from the library or a 2nd hand store at least. Though it took me almost 2 months or longer to be able to read Twilight in the first place. New Moon and Eclipse are the 2nd & 3rd books in the series. Breaking Dawn is the 4th in the series, but not available yet.

Tom is busy making Astro-Pop shots, he really wants me to try one, they look good enough, but my stomach can't handle it tonight. So, I'll stick with my Capt'n & coke. I did take a picture of the Astro-Pop though because I thought it looked neat the way the colors were separated. I'll get it off my camera & loaded tomorrow. For now though I'll leave you with a couple photos of Tommy from a couple days ago and a super cute one of Tommy and Alex. Oh, and 2 layouts that I amazingly finished this week. I was hoping to get a good amount done this weekend, but unless I get left alone for a while I don't see me being able to finish more than one.

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